Garlic Bread ~ 3 toasted slices topped with creamy garlic butter (V) 6.5
Straight Cut Chips ~ Served with homemade aioli (V) 9.5
Wedges ~ Served with sweet chilli & sour cream (V) 10
Fresh Half Shelled Oysters Fresh shucked with pickled onion & lemon ½ doz / doz 22/46
  Kilpatrick = classic flavours with that bacon crunch (DF GF) ½ doz / doz 24/48
Bruschetta ~ Tomato, feta & basil with extra virgin olive oil and reduced balsamic on grilled bread (V) 11.5
Salt & Pepper Plate ~ Tempura prawns, crumbed salt & pepper squid rings, herb garlic fries, salad and tartare 16.5
Fried Creole Chicken ~ Boneless chicken thigh dusted in a spicy Cajun seasoning served with aioli Cajun dipping sauces 17.5
Creamy Garlic Prawns (Sizzling Available) ~Tiger prawns cooked in a creamy sauce & served with rice 18.5/29.5
Meatballs ~ Five beef & pork meatballs with, basil, napolitana & parmesan – Add pasta 18/25
Tasting Plate (To Share) ~ Grilled marinated tiger prawns skewer, sweet spiced pork belly, sauteed chorizo, marinated olives, Feta, salt & pepper squid, homemade dip, arancini & grilled sour dough 31.5


Slow Cooked Braised Hind Quarter Lamb Shank ~ Slow cooked lamb with ragout style vegetable sauce served
on creamy mash potato with steamed beans (GF)
Chilli Mussels ~ 1kg mussels cooked in onion, garlic, white wine, parsley, chilli and napolitana sauce served
with grilled bread
Beer Battered Fish & Chips ~ Barramundi battered or grilled served with battered chips, fresh salad, tartare
& lemon
Gourmet Steak Sandwich ~ 200gm black angus scotch fillet with maple bacon, marinated tomato, rocket,
caramelized onion, burger cheese, smoky aioli & ciabatta panini served with beer battered fries
Sticky BBQ Bourbon Ribs ~Slow cooked linley valley pork ribs with chef ownsticky bourbon marinade, Corn kernels, battered fries & coleslaw29.5
Salt & Pepper Squid ~ Crumbed salt & pepper squid rings with beer battered chips, salad & aioli25.5
Sticky Glazed Crispy Pork Belly ~ Linley valley crispy skin belly served on royal blue potato mash, steamed Bok choy, plum jus29.5
Bangers & Mash ~ Old school Irish pork sausages served with creamy mash potato, green beans & onion jus23.5
Malabar Beef Curry ~ Slow cooked beef served with basmati rice, cucumber raita, chutney and papadum        25.5
Seafood Platter for One ~ Local BBQ prawns, salt & pepper squid rings, grilled fresh barramundi, chilli mussels, Battered chips, sour dough bread, salad & tartare31.5


Chicken Schnitzel ~With Beer battered chips, salad & gravy25
Traditional Parmigiana ~ Topped with napoli sauce, leg ham, melted mozzarella cheese, served with beer
battered chips & salad
Swiss Parmigiana ~ Topped with rasher bacon, mushroom sauce, melted Swiss cheese, served with beer battered chips & salad26.5
Hellfire Parmigiana ~ Topped with BBQ marinated pulled pork, mixture of jalapeno and red chilli topped
with mozzarella cheese, served with beer battered chips & salad


Steaks Served With Battered Chips, Salad and Your Choice of Sauce

300gm Black Angus Porterhouse36.5
300gm Black Angus Rump29.5
Surf It Up9.5

Sauce Selection ~ Bearnaise, Traditional Gravy, Mushroom, Peppercorn, Red Wine Jus, Garlic


Chicken Caesar Salad ~ With marinated chicken, crispy bacon, croutons, grana padano cheese, boiled egg,
baby cos lettuce and tossed in our home-made Caesar dressing
Thai Beef Salad ~ 300gm marinated black angus beef in thai spices atop with Asian julienne vegetables,
mixed leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crispy noodles lime & coriander dressing
Cajun Chicken Salad ~ Spiced marinated chicken, mixed leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber,
Roasted pumpkin, feta, onion, cashews, avocado, corn kernels in a delicious cajun dressing 
Garden Salad 6, Buttered Vegetables 5, Steamed Rice 3.5, Bread & Butter 4, Mashed Potato 4.5
Sauces ~ Bearnaise, Traditional Gravy, Mushroom, Peppercorn, Red Wine Jus, Garlic 2.5


Angry Bird Burger ~ Crumbed chicken breast with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, sauerkraut, burger cheese,
harissa aioli in a brioche bun served with beer battered fries
Wagyu Beef Burger ~ 200gm wagyu beef patty with maple bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, burger cheese,
beetroot relish, aioli in a brioche bun served with battered fries
Vegetarian Burger ~ Home-made crumbed chickpea & halloumi patty with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion,
Avocado & aioli, all tucked in a brioche bun served with battered fries


Affogato 6.5, Café Latte 4.5, Cappuccino 4.5, Chai Latte 4.5, Espresso 3.5, Flat White 4, Hot Chocolate 4.5, Iced Chocolate 6.5,

Kahlua Coffee 10.5, Long Black 3.5, Macchiato 4, Mocha 4.5, Cup of Tea 3.5, Pot of Tea 6.5

Milkshake ~ Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Spearmint, Caramel, Vanilla 6

Thickshake ~ Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Spearmint, Caramel, Vanilla 8.5


Served With Cream or Ice – Cream

Please See Our Cake Fridge for Our Daily Selection

Please Advise Our Staff of Any Allergies